Both week-day and weekend Elementary level Turkish Language Courses have started at our Şişli and Beşiktaş campuses. With the help of our courses, offered in a comfortable environment and supported by teamwork and self-studies, our students feel more at ease in daily life and can express themselves much better.
Not only students from Bahçeşehir University, but also many other students attend TÜRKMER Turkish Language Courses. While learning Turkish, they are also familiarized with the Turkish Culture and improve their intercultural skills.
Following the advancing technology, our Turkish Speaking classes and on-line language courses for every level, are drawing a lot of attention, along with our face-to-face classroom sessions.
In addition to our General Turkish Language Course, the “Business Turkish” course we are offering the business world, for small groups or in the form of private tutoring, is filling up a great big gap in this field.
Registration is currently open for TÜRKMER Turkish Language Courses, which have both face-to-face and online alternatives for practising colloquial Turkish, using a conversation-oriented method.