Course Contents

Course Contents

We design our courses with regard to the needs of our students in real life situations. In this respect, we teach our students Turkish grammar, vocabulary and skills that they will need in their daily life and/or academic life and/or business life. These skills can mainly be classified as reading, listening, writing and speaking.


Students who wish to attend the course are required take a standard placement exam in order to determine their levels. The test is designed to assess the applicants’ use of grammar and vocabulary as well as the basic skills. The applicants are placed at levels in accordance with their achievements in the exam.

Course Material:

Course materials consist of a course book chosen specifically to cater to the needs of the students, supplemented with authentic or adapted materials from real life.


Students who successfully fulfil the assessment requirements of the courses are submitted a certificate. Minimum B2 level achievement certificate will enable you to study at Turkish Universities where the medium of instruction is Turkish.