The Turkish Preparatory Program

The Turkish Preparatory Program has been specifically designed to prepare the international students who have come to study in Turkey for university life. The duration of the course is two semesters. Our goal is to teach the students Turkish for general purposes until the middle of the second semester and bring them up to a language proficiency level of B2. As of the second half of the second semester, the course aims to equip the students with academic Turkish language skills required by the faculty that the students will be attending. These include the acquisition of subject specific terminology and advanced language skills essential for academic life, in other words identifying and solving language problems that may be encountered in higher education: Note-taking, developing ideas, agreeing or disagreeing with an idea, making comments, preparing articles, homework, presentations, thesis, reports, vocabulary and grammar, asking questions, making use of educational resources, summarizing, attending academic activities such as conferences, panel discussions, symposiums are particularly emphasized.